A bit of what I’ve been up to today.  These are the good ones.  I’ll be putting them in my etsy store later today or tomorrow, once I’ve cropped the individual pictures.

I’ve also got a bunch of sub-par rings that I’ll cut up so I can salvage the beads.  Except one that I sort of like and might just keep for myself, as I don’t mind the flaws it has.

Here are some individual shots….








Oh, funny story.

I’d taken pictures of another ring a few days ago, and I was cropping the one with the ring on my finger.  I don’t particularly like close up shots of my hands or fingers, but, hey, it’s a ring, so I thought I should.  Anyway, Julia was watching me crop, and she said “Um…….mom?…..Well, I don’t want to make you mad….but……your hands look old.”

I laughed and laughed.  Ah, the dry skin of winter.  So flattering!

Anyway, those are some rings and maybe a little laugh for you today!  Enjoy!   

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  1. These are really great. I wish I had a budget line for jewelry right now, because I would buy more than one.

    You’re a talented lady.

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