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About the Banner


March came in wildly this year.  Not so much like a lion, more like a polar bear.  We’ve had such a mild winter it was a bit of a shock to get hit with some ground-covering snow Tuesday night and into Wednesday.  Okay, I guess technically that was still February, but the snow stuck around all through yesterday and we got another dusting over night.  It’s melting today, and tomorrow we get rain, but still…never ever become complacent when it’s winter in New England.

That said, we’ve got seedlings coming up inside, particularly the butternut/futsu hybrid squash plants that Bill planted just to see if they were viable.  They certainly were – and continue to thrive.  Bill keeps saying “well, if they live we’ll plant them outside.” 

I think they’re living.

I took one of the plants out and set it on a windowsill so the snow out front would make the background for this tough little plant.


For the banner, I played around with contrast and brightness and saturation to bring out the green in the leaves and the purple in the snow.

And look – there, in the middle, where the stalk splits.

That looks like a blossom to me, with another one up to the left a bit.

A squash blossom.  At the end of February.

You grow, little squash plant!

3 thoughts on “About the Banner

  1. Hi barbara,

    Im in Rhode Island. Its funny, a fair number of Rhode Islanders migrate to FL to get away from the snow, but I like it here because weve got the snow, the ocean, a decent gardening season (some years better than others, of course), and four relatively distinct seasons (though sometimes spring rushes by too quickly some years!).

    Where in FL are you?

  2. The winter has been very funky; up and down, mild to freezing cold-I am not fully ready for spring though. You’re little seedling (and banner) make me wish it were here. Very beautiful.

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