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Crazy Eggs


Remember when I made these?  It was three years ago.  That post got picked up here and there on the internet and it’s probably my most visited post.  Go figure. 


And I wrote a follow-up post as well.  With a new batch of eggs, more pictures, and even a plate of deviled eggs made from these brightly colored freak eggs.


And this year, the original post is getting even more traffic, particularly thanks to people who have linked to it on their websites or who have pinned it on Pinterest.  Remember that commercial about some sort of shampoo?  Something about telling two friends, and they told two friends, and so on, and so on…. Well that’s what’s happened with these eggs.

The latest mention has been on ParentMap, an online parenting magazine that, like the print version of the same name, is geared toward parents in the Puget Sound area.  I got an email from them yesterday letting me know they linked to my post…and so they have!  Thanks, ParentMap!


Julia wants to make these eggs again this year.  We didn’t make them last year…possibly not the year before that, either.  So maybe we will.  Only this time around, I’ll do a better job with the deviled eggs.  They didn’t have enough filling, in my opinion.


So…if you decorate eggs for Easter, how do you decorate yours?  Do you eat them later?  Do you put curry powder in your deviled eggs?  I’d love to know….

5 thoughts on “Crazy Eggs

  1. Exciting that this post is making the rounds on the internet! You’re a celebrity!!

    I love devilled eggs and they always make me think of my brother. He’s a Marine and he puts his muscle into the filling. Nobody can whip it up as smooth as he can!

  2. My husband has an egg aversion, which is a shame, because eggs like these are a lot to do for just me. So pretty.

    Maybe the baby will like eggs when he’s older.

  3. I add bacon to my deviled eggs. Hmm — I wonder how your pastrami would work chopped up and added to the filling or delicately placed on top?

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