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Living with the Competition


Yesterday morning I put a turkey quarter in some brine for Bill to cook later for dinner.  It was a breast quarter, which is why I brined it. 

Anyway, Bill set up the Weber grill and ended up smoking the meat over a pan of water and soy sauce and a blend of rosemary, salt and roasted garlic, plus chunks of hickory.

The turkey took longer than he’d expected, so he and the kids (I was at work) didn’t eat til around 8:00.  I got home about an hour later and when I walked into the house I nearly swooned, the aroma was so amazing.

Bill fixed me a plate and it was quite delicious; moist, smoky, flavorful.

And at some point, he told me that today while I was home I might want to see what’s on my camera.


So it’s come to this.

My kids want me to take pictures of their artfully composed salads.

And Bill is shooting his own food pictures.


I think I need to get back to work on this blog before my own family overthrows me on my own website….

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