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Outdoors and Indoors


Spinach that lived through the winter (such as it was) and started growing again a couple of weeks ago.  I harvested those leaves last week, and we’re nearly up to another salad’s worth.


Several kinds of radishes, spinach, and I’m not sure what else.  Oh, and that’s a carrot on the bottom right.


Broccoli rabe (that bit of green amid the straw).  Bill planted this just about everywhere.


Part of the back garden.  The huge overgrown and bolting green stuff in the center is arugula.  To the left is the rosemary that lived quite happily through the winter (protected by all that plastic), and Bill has planted lettuces and the like down the other end.  In the black pots to the right – mint is coming back.  And in the terra cotta colored pot front right – that’s oregano.


In the back – garlic.  To the right – that odd tree-like thing is kale, with the second round of leaves.  And there’s broccoli rabe planted in all that dirt.


Arugula flowers.


Hibiscus buds.


Lilac buds.


Frilly member of the daffodil or jonquil family.  The first bloom of the year.




Bleeding hearts unfurling.


Andromeda flowers.


Softie.  This is inside the makeshift greenhouse in our living room.  Bill brought all the seedlings (leek, onion, squash, tomato, basil, and pepper) outside because it’s so warm today, and Softie has claimed this spot for herself.


And…John has stopped by today…because…


It’s soppressata time!  So good – the slight tang from fermentation, and all the flavors of pepper and pork and whatever else is in it.  I don’t even remember at the moment.  But it’s good stuff.



We’re slicing up the pastrami I made!  By the way – homemade pastrami?  SO worth the time put in.  It’s fabulous.            

That’s it for today.  How’s your weekend been?

2 thoughts on “Outdoors and Indoors

  1. Is there a specific variety of spinach that you like? I planted some last year and the leaves were very thick and had a fuzzy texture on them. They also did not taste very good. It was very disappointing.

  2. I envy you your bleeding hearts– I have never been able to grow them. Probably it’s too hot here.

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