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I’ve got this slipcover thing on the loveseat in our living room, but it’s one of those that’s supposed to fight great but never stays put.  And, of course, no one ever rearranges it when they get up, so it’s constantly pulled forward and forward, until it’s like this, barely covering anything. 

The cats don’t help – they like to scoot in between the cover and the couch and creep along, waiting for unsuspecting feet and ankles.

Yesterday afternoon the sun was streaming in the front window and Softie was snuggled in the slipcover, toasty warm in the sun’s glow.

I got my camera.

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Yesterday was a weird day for me.  There’s a lot going on and I’m not writing about it, but suffice to say I feel stressed a good portion of my waking hours, and I don’t sleep, so there are more waking hours than I’d like.  Most of the stress is of the worry variety, one way or another, though there is, finally, some good stress in there too.  I’ll explain some of this eventually, maybe.

Anyway, late afternoon Bill took the kids to City Park for a little baseball practice.  The season is starting next month for Alex, and he’s got tryouts coming up.  The league he belongs to has all the kids his age tryout so it can be determined whether or not the are ready to progress to the Majors or need to stay in the Minors one more year.