Skirt for Julia


I needed to sew something today. 

Took me a while to figure out what.

And then it took me an hour and a half to put it together.


Julia likes it.  And it fits.  Yay.

The green fabric is old upholstery fabric from my grandparents’ porch furniture when they lived in New Jersey.  I have scraps.

The pink pleated stuff is a rather stiff sheer fabric with swirly silver designs.

I made the little pink flower out of twisted organza and a button.


I realized when I was halfway through that I didn’t have any elastic.  But after digging through my piles of stuff, I found a pair of Bill’s swimming trunks he didn’t want any more, and I salvaged the elastic from the waistband. 

It’s nice when things work out like that.


I don’t have pictures (yet) of Julia wearing it.  She did try it on when she got home from school, and it fits, but she wanted to play outside, so she switched back to jeans.

For now.


9 thoughts on “Skirt for Julia

  1. That is lovely, dear one! If it were in MY size, I’d wear it. 🙂 Of course, I’m an art teacher, so I don’t think anyone would think I was strange. The physics teacher might get some odd looks, but I wouldn’t.

  2. That is beautiful! Great job! I spent some of my time off reading your previous posts on sewing and quilting and I am getting the bug to sew again myself.

  3. Jayne,
    You did a beautiful job! I am sure Julia will look great wearing it.
    Hope you have a good day.

  4. It looks soooo tiny in the photo– almost like doll clothes.

    Trick of perspective, I guess. It’s really sweet, Jayne.

    I’m glad you got to satisfy your hankering to sew.

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