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First we did the nails.  She wanted colors to match her dress.  And then stripes…


And polka dots.

She wore stirrup tights, so her pedicured toes would show.


She’s wearing wedge heeled sandals.  She showed me in the store how well she can walk in them.

I made her skip, too.  Just to be sure.

Time is flying…


Her headband looks like it’s made of flamingo feathers.


She can look so serious sometimes.

Anyway, once she was all completely put together, it was time to go outside for the posed pictures.


This is my favorite of the bunch. 

I wish it had been better focused, so I could crop it and come in closer to their faces, but that wasn’t working…so I tried something else.


And I’m rather pleased with the result.

Then they climbed into the horse-drawn carriage Subaru and sped away to the ball Father/Daughter Sweetheart Dance.


My baby.     

6 thoughts on “Sweetheart

  1. Jayne,
    Julia looks beautiful!!
    So grown up. You should frame that picture of her with Bill. That is a keepsake! Put that in her wedding book! Tell her I like her dress and accessories.

  2. Wowow! She is so elegant! I love her choice of nail polish, too! Hee hee!
    And there is something just so simply wonderful about that photo – I think a yearly tradition should be held, with her standing on a smaller tree chunk year by year till she doesn’t need to stand on one anymore. THAT would make a great photo series!
    You and Alex should do a set! If he can keep from making his goofy faces… 😀

  3. his may be the cutest thing I’ve seen so far! I’ve just stumbled across your gorgeous blog and I’m looking forward to reading more!

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