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TWD Irish Soda Bread


This week’s Tuesdays with Dorie:  Baking With Julia recipe is Irish Soda Bread (which I’m sure many of us baked last week as part of a St. Patrick’s Day menu).  I baked mine while I was simmering corned beef inside and smoking another brisket to make pastrami outside.  I didn’t take a lot of pictures of the bread, unfortunately, but it’s such a simple bread – only four ingredients – there really wasn’t a whole lot to take pictures of.


Actually, I made mine with five ingredients.  Instead of the buttermilk called for in Julia’s recipe, I used homemade yogurt and some regular milk instead.  I figured the yogurt would have properties similar to the buttermilk, and the bit of milk I used was just to thin the yogurt a bit.

Traditionally the bread is made plain, but it seems in this country we’re used to seeing it studded with raisins.  I asked my family which way they would prefer, and it was unanimous – they wanted plain this time around.  So be it!

The bread came out great – it’s a moist, yummy loaf that everyone in the house enjoyed, not just with St. Patrick’s day food, but in the days that followed.

This week’s recipe is hosted by Cathy of My Culinary Mission, who made her version with Gruyere cheese, and Carla, of Chocolate Moosey, who went a more traditional route with hers.  The recipe is posted on both sites, in case you’d like to make this yourself.  And if you’d like to see all the other versions the TWD members baked, click here and start reading!

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  1. Beautiful loaf!
    I made my own corned beef this year and felt very accomplished 🙂 Smoking a pastrami sounds like a natural progression.

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