I have one on the side of my left index finger.  It’s about…well it’s over twenty years old I guess.  I was trying to slice a day-old bagel with a dull knife.  The knife slipped, and though it wasn’t sharp enough to slice through the bagel crust, it was plenty sharp to slice through the side of my finger.

Appetizers · Asparagus

Asparagus Ham and Cheese Egg Roll


I know, I know.  It starts out sounding healthy, you know, because there’s a green vegetable, but then I go and ruin it by adding fat and salty meat, and then deep-frying the whole thing.

I’m a terrible influence, I know.

But, if you’re interested in a really quick, easy, and yummy little appetizer (or after-school snack, as these were), then stick around.


Sotto Voce

Actually, squawky voce is probably more accurate, when there’s any sort of voce at all.

I’ve had a wandering cold for a few days – started with a brief sore throat, turned north into my head, then reversed direction and spent some time in my chest.  It’s still hanging out there, probably because the weather’s nicer or the cost of living is cheaper – I’m not exactly sure.