Messenger Bag


The girl, she is pleased.


I’m rather pleased with myself. 

I know, it’s been a while since I’ve said something like that, isn’t it? 

Well, though there are things I would perhaps do differently (or better), and techniques I need to learn or improve on, I’m still rather tickled with this bag.  I designed it myself according to Julia’s requested specs.  I let her select most of the fabric (I made a couple changes as I put it together) and best of all, Julia really, really likes the bag.

After modeling the bag for me (or, rather, for this website), she sat right down and did her homework so that she could then transfer her homework folder and other school things into the new, cool, hip, shoulder-strap-across-the-chest bag.

The strap was a bit long on her, so I knotted it and Julia said we can just undo the knot when she’s taller.  Her belief that she will still love this bag years from now when she’s grown another five inches warms my heart. 

The bag is divided into two sections inside; a smaller section and a larger section.  Here’s a sort of peek at that, though it’s hard to really tell what I’m showing you.


And – also Julia’s request (or requirement) – there’s a pocket for her water bottle.  A girl needs to stay hydrated!


The fabric for that is from an old bathing suit of mine – I cut it in a sort of wedge shape, folded the wider top down and then over again to create a little tunnel for a fat piece of elastic/ribbon.  Then I threaded the ribbon through and gathered the fabric, then stitched that to the side panel.  Her largest metal water bottle fits perfectly.  I’m especially pleased about that.

And that’s about it. 


Yeah, she likes the bag.

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  1. It is a very cool bag. I love her optimism that she will love the bag for many growing years to come. The swimsuit added it to allow for a water bottle is pure genius.

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