The Week that Flew

Last week is a blur. 


School (the kids)

Baseball games (and cancelled games due to rain that will need to be made up, sigh)

Wednesday:  Bill’s middle school students’ concert Wednesday night – Alex played guitar there, too, as he’s been doing every year for the past…three?  four?  So we all went.  Late night.

Thursday:  Then a wedding rehearsal (late night, lots of rain, plus a glorious double rainbow)

Friday:  And the wedding itself (late night, NO rain, smiles and tears and gorgeous dresses and music and food and love and loveliness)

Saturday:  More work (early in the morning), baseball game, sleepover of Alex’s oldest friend, and going to the movie theatre to see the new Madagascar movie (and it will be a long time before I go to the movies again – it’s more expensive than going out to eat, even ordering the smallest bags of popcorn and smallest beverages.  Four dollars and twenty five cents for BOTTLED WATER?????)

Sunday:  More early morning work, then a birthday cookout and – FINALLY – relaxing.

I’m off today.  And that means catching up on laundry, dishes, the house…plus some canning – pickled beets, and more jam.  And I’m making another birthday cake because the one I made yesterday wasn’t exactly what the birthday boy wanted.

Oh, yeah, and my son?  He’s ten now.  Double digits.  TEN!  A decade. 

Those years flew, too.  Too fast.

So I now have a ten-year-old and an eight-year-old.

How bizarre.

But, you know…this is a great time.  They are at great ages.  I don’t mind that they’re not babies any more, or toddlers.  This time of childhood is just as amazing and fun and annoying and special as all the times that have come before.  No diapers, no bottles…they dress and feed and bathe themselves, brush their own teeth, tie their own shoes.  They ride bikes, play sports, weed the gardens, clean the litterbox (yay!), and do other things around the house when asked (and reminded, and reminded).  They can write and do math and read and play guitars (and Alex, the violin, too).

They argue and fight and try to get out of doing things they don’t want to do.  They don’t want to go to bed when it’s bedtime, they sometimes play too rough, they have highs and lows and in-betweens.

And they are sweet, and they still hug me and want to be tucked in.

And this was a tangent I wasn’t even planning to go off on, but it all just came spilling out of my head and through my fingers, onto this post.

Oh – and also, I found out the problems I’ve been having with my camera are due to the kit lens – the aperture mechanism isn’t firing properly or consistently.  It’s not worth spending the money to fix, so I need to decide what lens I want to replace it with.  I want something similar, but better.  So I’ve got to start saving my pennies.

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got laundry to hang outside, and a whole list of other things to do today.

Days off are so relaxing, aren’t they?

One thought on “The Week that Flew

  1. Jayne, if your camera is a Canon, or one of the others with a Sigma compatible lens-mount, then take a look at the Sigma 18-200mm if that’s available over there. I met someone recently using one of these, and he was most impressed, to the point where he has got me thinking about getting one now, too. (Yeah, like I need another lens to add to the collection!)

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