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This is from one night when I was flying around in my space ship….

Okay, not really.

It’s part of this (below), only sideways:


Fireworks in the driveway on the fourth.




One of two from a fishing trip last Friday.  There were two fluke, two black sea bass, and a mess of scup.  The fishermen were Bill, Alex, Bill’s brother, and two of Bill’s nephews, one of whom owns the boat they all went out on.  (I know.  Poorly constructed sentence ending.  Should be – “the boat on which out they went” or something Yoda-sounding, right?  Oh, don’t mind me, I have the day off and I’m all giddy about it.)

What else…

Yesterday I decided to bake something, because it was over 90 degrees and hey, why not? 

Julia wanted to help, so I have her the job of slicing the leafy part off a bunch of strawberries.  I’m happy to report the only red that flowed was juice from the fruit.  No blood.




I’m thinking that last one will appear on the dust jacket of her first cookbook.

Okay, that’s it for now.  I’ve got another batch of images from the garden that I want to post, possibly later today, and an actual RECIPE post on Friday!  I know – shocking.  But it’ll be fun.

Gotta go run some errands.  I’ll be back.

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