The Goings on ‘Round Here


Well, there’s been cleaning.  Rearranging.  Cleaning out.  Deciding what to put in a yard sale in August (postponed from the one we never got around to having LAST summer), what to recycle in some way, and what to throw out.

Julia and I spent one morning – the hottest day of the year at that point – cleaning out and rearranging her room.  It looks pretty good now, most of the time.  But then, it’s only been a week or two….

Bill and the kids have gone fishing several times, and will continue to go throughout the summer.  We’re really into catching or growing our own food for the most part in the summer, so this is nothing new. 


We did our semi-annual BIG shopping trip to our favorite Asian market last week.  We stocked up on all sorts of goodies like rice papers and assorted noodles, pork belly, other cuts of meats, coconut milk, a huge bag of rice, sauces and condiments.

We like to try out a few new things each time as well, and I spotted something on a shelf just as we were about to check out.  So we brought it home and tried it.


Yep.  Canned fried crickets.

I was all psyched to try them, frankly.  But frankly, these were gross.  They may be fried insects, but it’s the canned part that grossed me out.  When I think “fried” I think crispy, crunchy, salty.  These were vaguely crunchy, but mostly gushy and they tasted of can.  Bill, Julia and I all chewed briefly and then spat them out into the trash.  Alex was having none of it.  Wise boy.


The other night I made nime chow and Bill whipped up a tofu stir fry.  Julia was in entrepreneurial mode and wanted to be the owner/hostess and waitress of the restaurant, so after we put all the food on the table we went into the living room where she was standing, smiling pleasantly and welcomingly, and told her there were three of us and we were expecting a fourth.  She escorted us to our table and came back a moment later to take our dinner order. 


It pleases me that she spelled “nime chow” correctly all on her own.


Work is…a much needed exhale in many ways.  I’ve mostly settled in to where I no longer feel inordinately useless and stupid and inept while I’m there.  I have relaxed, for one thing, and come to the realization that if I stop plaguing myself with fear and worry, I am actually capable. 

So…I go to work, I prep or cook food, and I am happy.  And I breathe.


June was busy, and July is looking pretty busy as well.  Between visits from parts of Bill’s family and work and oh, yeah, Alex made the All-Star team in his age group so he’s got practices and scrimmages and games most of the month, there won’t be much time to just do nothing.  But that’s okay.  That’s July.  August is our down time month.


In that paragraph above, every time I meant to type “July” I typed “Julia.”


Speaking of Julia, she is fine.  She is, by turns, her own age, a teenager, a tween, a toddler (in speech), an old man (that voice she does that cracks me up every time) and, again, herself.  With all the wild rollercoaster runs of emotion that go with each age.

My especial favorite is the pouty, rebellious teen.  Just can’t wait for the hormones to kick in, too!

She told me the other night that she misses me when I’m working.  That we hardly have any “girl time” any more.  And it’s true.  I’m not here as much, and when I’m home after working (and the commute), I just want to relax.  But – and I know I am lucky so I’m not complaining, I’m just…explaining – my little family loves me, so when I walk through the door, they all want a piece of me, in the nicest way possible, of course.  Bill, Alex, and Julia; all three of them.  They’ve all been doing their things, either together or separately, and they all want to share their stories with me.

And I want to listen, truly I do.  But it’s not easy when they’re all talking at once.  I suffer whiplash almost daily.  But the hugs are worth it.


I think that’s about all for the moment.  Just wanted to say hi and let you know I’m still here.

Well…I was, but now I have to run.

I’ll be back, though.

How’s your summer so far?

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