BLT with Basil Mayo on a Claffle


On a what? 

I’ll get to that in a minute.

But first, the innards of the BLT:

Homemade Bacon

Home grown Lettuce

Home grown Tomatoes

The basil-mayo is made with home grown basil.  No, I didn’t make the mayo.

And, finally,

the Claffle.

Did I tell you we got two waffle makers recently?  A cast-iron one for camping, and this one:


for making Belgian waffles.

The kids can operate it, which makes it an especially special purchase for me.

Anyway, I’ve made waffles with it, using various recipes and Bob’s Red Mill multigrain waffle mix, all with great success.

Time to experiment.

So I made this:


It’s clamcake batter.


I went there.

Preheated the waffle maker.

Poured the batter…


and, ta-da!



A little sprinkle of salt, and it tastes just like a clamcake, but without the crisp and slightly greasy exterior.  A good thing or a bad thing, depending on your grease tolerance.

Anyway, I’d cooked some of our bacon, sliced some tomatoes, Bill picked some lettuce, and I made a sandwich. 

A little smear of basily mayonnaise…


followed by bacon, lettuce (okay, arugula and spinach on mine), and tomato.


Simple as that!

And it tasted really good, too.  It got a little goopy, but goopy in a good, yummy, mop-up-all-the-drips-from-the-plate-with-the-last-piece-of-claffle way.

Yeah.  Claffle.

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