He’s not feeling too good.

Something’s going on with his liver. 

Not sure what yet. 

Brought him to the vet Monday. 

Thought he was improving Tuesday.

Brought him to the animal hospital (24 hr care) early this morning.

He’s only four. 

Keeping fingers crossed that it’s one of the fixable things and not something bleaker. 

He’s Alex’s cat.

I really want everything to turn out okay.

Meanwhile, one of my sister’s cats has been missing for about a week. 

His name is Ozzy. 

Keeping fingers crossed that he comes home soon and well.

I’ve never considered myself the parent of a pet.  I’m the parent of my children, pets are pets.

But pets – especially furry ones – take up residence in our hearts, and they give us cause to worry and lose sleep at times.

So I’m hoping for happy news in both houses.

Damn cats.

Hooking their claws into us like that.

3 thoughts on “Fur

  1. I hope your sister’s cat turns up and that the liver issues are (relatively) minor and fixable!

    Our dogs are our kids and I’ve often lamented the unfair nature of their short lives.

  2. aww. poor kitty. we’ve been thinking about getting another one recently (correction – i’ve been thinking). he’s a beauty.

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