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More Pictures and Little Text


First – a minor tragedy.  Bill had noticed that one of the smaller galeux felt kind of lighter weight and hollow, so we cut it open.  Half the innards were liquid.  We figure one of the EVIL squash vine borers dug his grubby little way in and had a feast.  Bill hacked this pumpkin to bits with a hatchet but couldn’t find the grub. 

We found a grub just under the surface in another of the galeux.  I let out a little shriek of disgust and Bill fed the grub to our lizard, who gobbled it up in a split second.  She prefers the creamy filling of grubs to the crunch of crickets. I know.  Ick.  The rest of the pumpkin was fine, so after trimming away any part the icky grub had come in contact with, I roasted the rest of it.

That’s it for the sad pictures, though.  The rest of the pictures are of a happier nature.

Well, sort of.


Julia amid the squashes.

She’s got a cucumber from the garden, and she’s only pretend-glaring at me.

The sun-glare is real.  I left it there on purpose, rather than shading it out.  I’m not sure why, but it was definitely a conscious decision.  A bad one, but a conscious one.

Anyway, continuing on…


She’s either landing after leaping from her spot in the middle of the patch, or she’s practicing her karate kicks.  Not that she takes karate, but perhaps she should.


“Mom, watch this!” she yelled.

Then, after finishing her cucumber, she ran off to play.

Below – a rutabaga!  Our first year growing them.   


Below – a couple shots of the jungle. 


Every day we shake our heads in amazement at this fabulous tangle.


Besides the many squash vines, we’ve also got morning glories creeping and crawling everywhere…


Moving on…


That’s the underside of one of our White Tomasol tomatoes.  Pretty funky, huh?


Cute little carrot.

Oh, and one more bit of squashly zaniness. 

Most of the giant patch of squash plants is in the northwestern corner of the yard, but squash have no sense of boundaries, so they just go where they will.

And some of these plants have chosen to go east.  They have been creeping along the stockade fence, and one stalk has snaked its way through the wire fence (to the right, you can see the green metal post in the picture below) to trespass in our neighbor’s yard.

Another one is climbing up INTO the lilac bushes in the corner of our yard, and it’s bearing a baby squash – way up in the branches of the lilac!  You can see (where I’ve circled) in the picture below:


And that’s it for tonight, folks!         

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