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Pink Hair


We have corn!  And it’s got pink hair!

We were walking around the garden yesterday morning, as we are wont to do of a morning, and suddenly my eyes were distracted from all the lush greenness by this curly pink stuff on one of the corn stalks!  I actually screeched something like “LOOK! LOOK!” at Bill, before carefully placing my coffee mug on home plate and racing inside for my camera.  You know, in case the baby ear of corn hopped off the stalk and ran away.

Naturally I took several pictures.



Isn’t that cool?

I took a few other pictures, too, like this one of the twins.  My how they’ve grown!


A happy bee in a beach rose blossom:


And, this gorgeous dragonfly perched on one of the kitchen window screens:


That was about all I had time for, and the same holds true this morning. 


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