Tubes and Syringes and Scratchy

He’s home.

I don’t have a picture because it’s night time and too dark to get a decent shot unless I use the flash, so you’ll just have to wait til tomorrow to see him in his lovely blue ascot with the feeding tube sprouting from his neck.

I picked him up after work tonight and was given food, syringes, meds, and instructions.  A bit later this evening (like in fifteen minutes) I’ll blend his high-calorie food with water so it’s the proper consistency for the tube…then I’ll flush the tube with a small amount of lukewarm water and feed him gradually, over about half an hour…plus his evening dose of antibiotic…then flush with a bit of water after all that.

There’s a lot of stuff to pay attention to, and I’ll be showing Bill and the kids what needs to be done so they can do it if I’m at work. 

I am already planning to make a chart with dosages and meds and places to check off what’s been done.

I love charts.  And this seems like the perfect opportunity to make a really BIG chart.

Forgive me – it’s past my bedtime, and it’s been a strange, worrisome bunch of days.

And in the midst of all that, my kids went back to school – something that sort of ranked second, far below the Scratchy And His Fatty Liver Crisis.

Scratchy, for his part, was very happy to see me and didn’t complain too much on the ride home (he does not like riding in the car).  And when I got home, most of the lights in the house were off, but – no surprise here – I heard small feet padding quickly down the stairs, and as I let Scratchy out of his carrier, Alex appeared. 

Smiling.  So happy.  So relieved.

That’s the best part.

2 thoughts on “Tubes and Syringes and Scratchy

  1. I’m sorry your cat is sick! I have gone thru it with one of mine and within about 5 day’s of tubing, he was back to his old self and kept popping the stopper on his tube out. I found it in all sorts of weird places that only a cat can get. He hated me for the most part, was a devil cat. But when he was so sick, he would get up on my lap with his little tube and collar because he knew I would scratch his ears the way he liked it. That was the only time he was nice to me!! How I loved that awful cat. I wish you all the best and a full speedy recovery for your cat!!

  2. It’s so very sad when a pet is sick, because you can’t explain to them why they don’t feel well.

    My old lady, Bunyip, went to cat heaven a few years ago at the ripe old age of 19. She was a tough girl, who had survived being hit by a car, having her tail amputated, and skin cancer. At the end, when she was basically declining because of old age, she went on much longer and much happier than anyone at the animal hospital thought she would.

    She lived so long, through so much, because she knew she was loved. It gave her the will to keep going, and the will to overcome illness and injury, and even up until the end she was happy and comfortable and dignified.

    I’m sure that Scratchy will pull though, and go on to have a long life filled with happiness, health and cuddles. You and your family are amazing for the love you give him, and for all the effort you put in for helping him get better.

    Give him a pat for me. <3

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