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Butternut Molasses Oatmeal Cookies


I made these the other day and if I don’t make them again my family will kick me out.

Well, okay, full disclosure, Julia won’t kick me out.  She didn’t like them.  But Bill and Alex?  Oh yeah.

And they really should be called “Because I need to go to the grocery store” cookies.  Why?  I was out of several things in the original recipe, so I just subbed this and that and ended up with something unexpectedly fabulous.


Hide and Seek

I had a message on the answering machine this afternoon from Scratchy’s veterinarian – his blood work came back and while he’s not back to normal, his numbers have improved remarkably (the Dr’s word). 

I’d had a long day, I was tired, headachy, and verging on weepy-for-no-reason.  Then I got that message and suddenly I felt better about things.