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Productive Chaos


My dining room, right this very minute.  And probably into tomorrow.

Those jars – marinara.  Two kinds – one with a lot of basil and oregano, one with a lot of garlic.  The rest of the table?  All sorts of stuff, most of it food related.  Scratch that – all of it food related.


Today we’re canning salsas, and the whole process has been made so much easier because Bill took it upon himself to start chopping ingredients yesterday while I was at work.  Then last night He peeled tomatoes while I started yet another batch of marinara.

Right now there’s one batch of salsa canned, one in the canner, and a third ready to cook.  The fourth – and largest – batch, is in the works.  Still a lot of chopping to be done, so I’ll can that one tomorrow.  And the rest of the sauce.  And then I’ll start making stocks to can.  Chicken and pork, at the very least.  Not sure how much I have in the way of beef bones and trimmings.

Besides all that, I worked a lot this past week, so between that and my family, I’ve had no time to post anything.  Sorry ‘bout that.

I’m off tomorrow, however, and I’ll try to get a recipe or a Scratchy update (pictures) posted in the morning before the canning drags me to the kitchen!

One thought on “Productive Chaos

  1. Just had to let you know…we used a butternut squash out of our garden for ravioli last night with the remainder going into soup tonight.

    Last night we were trying to decide on a sauce for the ravioli and I knew you had instructions for brown butter with sage. Went right to it and taught my gourmet cook husband how to make it! 🙂

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