Red Flower Eye

*Out of respect for my friends who are easily freaked out by eyes and eyeballs (Hi Beth J, I’m talking to you), I have posted the picture for this post well below the fold and the text.*

Actually, there’s not much text for this post.

Alex came home from playing the other day and I noticed something on his eye.

Apparently he got poked in the eye with something.  Not too hard, thank goodness, but enough to leave a little mark.

And it’s kind of a pretty mark (sorry, Alex – I know “pretty” isn’t necessarily manly).  It sort of looks like a little painted flower.

So now, for any of you who care to look, here’s the picture of the flower of his eye.

Hmmm…maybe that’s me.  He’s the apple of my eye (Julia’s the apple of my other eye), and perhaps I’m the flower of his.

Okay, no.  That’s reaching.

Here’s the picture:


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