Taking Matters into His Own Paws


I was working the latter half of a double when Bill texted me to say that Scratchy’s tube was out. 

Feeding tube…out. 

No one took it out, mind you.  At least, none of us humans.  We were all at work or at school, so somehow…the tube came out.  It had been stitched in place where it went in through his throat, mind you.  Stitched in place; it wasn’t just free-floating like some sort of flexible drinking straw.

Scratchy’s been eating like his old self for a while now.  We stopped feeding him through the tube days ago and just continued to flush it with water as instructed back at the beginning of this saga.  Scratchy had grown impatient with the whole feeding tube nonsense, too.  He’d suddenly dart away while we were trying to feed him, leaving us holding the syringe and his uncrimped tube flapping in the breeze.

And he’s grown pinker and pinker in the tell-tale spots:  inside his ears, his eyes, his gums, and his shorn (for the ultrasound) belly.

He’s been quite himself lately.

Anyway, Bill ended up bringing Scratchy to the animal hospital so they could make sure the tube was entirely out (it was) and to take his stitches out.  Turns out there was no need for that – the stitches were gone, too.  Apparently Scratchy borrowed some scissors and snipped them himself.

The final word?  The holes in his neck will heal on their own, he looks great, and there is no need for another visit.

That huge hurricane-force gust of wind that rattled your house earlier this evening?  That was Bill and I breathing a collective sigh of relief. 

At this point, we just need to make sure the healing hole in his neck doesn’t get infected (he’s got a much smaller bandage thingy around his neck now – and he’s already chewing on it, trying to get rid of it) and to make sure he keeps eating.


I think we can handle that.

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