Witch in Progress


I’ve been working on her, on and off, for a while now.  She’s nearly done now.  Dress and cloak are completed.  She’s just waiting for her broom.


She’s going to be a kitchen witch. 

Yes, a barefoot kitchen witch.

And not one of those hook-nosed old hag kitchen witches, though I’m sure they are wise and great cooks. 

Still, I wanted to go in a different direction.

She, like some of the other little dolls I’ve made, is faceless.  Like Amish dolls are.  Not because it would be too fancy (i.e., not plain) if I gave them faces, but because I just like the look of no face.  I feel like your own imagination will create the face.

I also feel that I’d never be happy with the face I put on the doll, and I’d get stuck in an endless loop of making and discarding face after face after face.

So I skip the face.

And focus on the other stuff.


Like crazy hair, and a hooded cloak for chilly evenings.

And that broom.

That won’t be traditional either, of course. 

I’ll show you when it’s done.

Unfortunately, the broom won’t be finished by tomorrow (Halloween), but she doesn’t mind.

She’ll just hang out and relax this year, and leave the kitchen work to all her great, great aunts out there.

2 thoughts on “Witch in Progress

  1. Hello! I just found an old project of yours on Pinterest – denim potholders, shown here:

    And came looking, hoping you had instructions on how you made them. Do you have instructions/tutorial anywhere for these? (I posted a comment on that page, but wasn’t sure if you’d see it, it’s so far back.)

    Love your blog – putting it in my must-visit list! 🙂

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