Jumping Past the Planning


I do a lot of planning. 

I make lists.

I design things.

I rearrange.

I organize.

And sometimes, that’s as far as I get.

The other night, as I was folding up thoughts and ideas and the other debris in my mind and putting it away so I could fall asleep, I got the brilliant idea of making quilts for the windows in our house.  Particularly the bedroom windows.

The curtains we have are all summery and thin; they do very little to keep the cold out.  And I am tired of the price of oil.  We use the fireplace a lot, which helps tremendously.  But still – the windows need blocking.

Anyway, I was really happy with the idea of window quilts.  I have lots of fabric that I don’t use up as quickly as I think I should…and these quilts would be perfect small projects.  Nothing fancy…just simple blocks of color.

And then I thought…well…if I’m making these things, maybe I should tailor them to each child, at least.  Very large, simple appliqué images…maybe a snowman or a mountain with ski tracks going down…

And then I thought…

Well, I thought lots of things.  Cool, fun, creative things. 

And with every thought, every clever new design idea, the length of time needed to complete each window quilt grew, and grew, and grew.

At the rate I was thinking and imagining and designing-in-my-head, I’d finish these quilts in time for the kids to take them away to their college dorms.

So this morning – my one day off this week, by the way, I pulled out fabric and started cutting.

I’m going back to simple.

Because I want to get these done.

But – before I started cutting, I was checking email and stuff while I ate breakfast, and I was just curious, so I did a search on “window quilt” just to see if there was anyone out there who had done this sort of thing before me. 

And, of course, there was.

I found this piece at ManyTracks Homesteading

And then I almost just spent the day reading through the whole website.  Very cool place.  So tempting to stay and read every single bit of it.

But no – I pushed away from my laptop and plugged in my iron.

Then, mid cut just now, I sat back down and typed this out, just to let you know what’s up with me, and so I could share that website with you.


One thought on “Jumping Past the Planning

  1. You sound like me. I never get anything done because I’m always thinking too much. So many ideas floating in my head. I love the idea of window quilts and they sound like just what I need. I’m going to give this a look.

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