Just Because

I’ll be voting in tomorrow’s election, of course. 

I believe it’s my responsibility, not just my right, to place my vote.

I feel that if you choose not to vote, you don’t have any right to complain about the way the government is run, since you didn’t bother to put your own two cents in at least once every four years.

But that’s just me.

And about voting tomorrow?

I don’t feel all that passionate about it.

I don’t have a whole lot of faith in the idea that ONE person will bring about major positive changes in four years. 

Regardless of political affiliation. 

I think any president – Democrat or Republican – can just come in and magically clean up whatever mess the previous president left behind.

Or change course so that whatever party the newest president belongs to will be all happy and satisfied.

Because this isn’t a dictatorship.  There are lots and lots of voices and opinions.  The president can’t just announce that this is the new way we’re going to do things around here.  Which is good.  Except that it makes it harder to get things done.

It’s like if we’re going to pick a movie to watch.  My daughter will want one movie, and maybe my son will want a different movie.  And they each want the movie THEY picked.  Sometimes because they really and truly want those different movies, but sometimes just because. 

Just because Alex picked the movie, then Julia will not want to watch it.  Not that she has no interest in that movie – maybe secretly she’d really like to watch it.  But.  Just because Alex picked it, Julia doesn’t want to watch it.

And of course it works the same way in reverse.  Julia will make her choice, and Alex, just because, will absolutely no way in heck want to watch that.

That’s what politics looks like to me.  I know it’s probably more complicated and nuanced and lofty, and it’s also more ugly and money-driven and selfish. 

So it’s election day tomorrow.

Maybe we’ll have the same president, maybe we’ll have a new one.  The thing is, whichever president we have, things will be slow to improve or change or whatever, because there will be plenty of people from the opposing party who don’t want to work with the president and his party. 

Just because.

That’s how it all feels to me.  Like lots of squabbling.  Roadblocks everywhere.  Regardless of party. 

It makes me weary.

2 thoughts on “Just Because

  1. I feel the same way. But I also feel that the system we have just doesn’t work anymore. It is too corrupt. Everyone is just out for themselves. I still don’t know who to vote for. Neither would be my choice but I do want to vote. ugh… I hate politics!

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