Scratchy and Softie


Just a little update. 

Scratchy is doing great, his fur is growing in, and we’re doing a better job on regulating his food intake. 

A funny little thing we’ve noticed….

We have a double-sided bowl for the cats’ food.  They’ve shared it since they were kittens, and from the very beginning Scratchy has eaten from the left side and Softie has eaten from the right.


But then, during the recent time when Scratchy wasn’t eating, Softie started eating from Scratchy’s side of the double bowl.  We didn’t notice, really, until Scratchy started to eat again.

Softie didn’t like it.

Softie would hiss at her brother and take the left-sided bowl.  Scratchy would sit some distance away and watch patiently until Softie had eaten her fill.  Then he would eat whatever was left in that same side.

One morning a few weeks ago the food bowl was not positioned parallel to the work table like it usually is.  (No, I’m not obsessive about that – it’s just that way because…because it is.)

Anyway, the bowl was kind of angled about 45 degrees, so that the right-side bowl was up, closer to the table (or the bottom shelf of the table) and the left side was farther away than usual.

And that’s when I took the above picture.

Both cats eating from the same side…both cats sort of using the left side of the bowl.

Peaceful and contented.

They’re funny little creatures.

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  1. Just getting caught up here with you! I used to get notifications on Facebook when you’d posted something new…obviously I was too reliant on that rather than just checking in myself. 😉

    I love the window quilts!

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