Twas the Day Before Thanksgiving


This post has nothing to do with Scratchy.  I just wanted to post a photo of something.

It’s Wednesday morning, the kids are getting ready for school.  Tonight Bill and I and the kids will all be cooking and prepping food for tomorrow.

We’re not going traditional this year.  Not exactly.

Oh, we have a turkey, but we’re not serving it whole.  Bill’s making sausage with the dark meat and I’ll brine and roast the breast portion for those who want turkey slices.

We’re doing brunch this year instead of dinner.  My sister and I came up with the idea for a variety of reasons, and the more we talked about it, the more enthusiastic we grew. 

We’re keeping some traditional things (stuffing, gravy, pumpkin/squash pie) but my sister is making a brussels sprout, bacon and potato hash, I’m making kale pie (for the eggy breakfast portion of the program), and for dessert, besides the pie, there will be apple waffles with an apple syrup. 

Beverages will include coffee, tea, hot cocoa and hot cider. 

My niece, Natalie, is making rolls or biscuits, too. 

Oh, and I’ll be serving one of my Camemberts, too.  A larger one.  We’ll see how the texture came out.  I’m pretty sure it’ll taste good, regardless.

And that’s the plan.

Naturally I’ve caught a cold, which started the other night with a sore throat, joined the next day by aches and congestion.  I think the sore throat part is subsiding, now it’s congestion in my head and chest.  Oh well.  Tea with honey and lemon…rest when I can get it…and advil to get me through the work day. 

It could always be worse, so I’m not complaining.

Anyway, that’s my little status update for the time being.

I hope you all (those of you who are celebrating it) have a wonderful Thanksgiving!  And those of you who don’t celebrate the day – have a wonderful Thursday!

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