At least she’s not destroying the village.


The kids arranged the village a few days ago, and the cats, Softie in particular, are not pleased.

They need this table so they can watch birds and squirrels out the window and dream of the hunt and make weird little coughing sounds while their predatory eyes gleam and the tips of their tails twitch.

Actually, Softie’s really the only one that does that.  Scratchy says “Yeah, if you catch one, give me half.”  And then he takes a nap.


Somehow Softie has scootched the assorted carolers, polar bears, moose families and so forth (all getting along swimmingly in this little village) so she can have a place to sit.

Either that or one of the kids made a spot for her.



I’m guessing it was Julia’s doing.

One thought on “Softzilla

  1. So cute! I love when you post kitty pictures. Our cats would have had the whole village knocked down in seconds.

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