Some Images from Christmas Day



I took no pictures while we were opening gifts, but I did take this shot of Julia’s hermit crab (I don’t know it’s name – sometime’s it’s Hermie, sometime’s it’s Shelly…sometimes it has other names, depending on Julia’s whims) playing with one of the new sponges Santa left in his/her stocking.



Part of it, anyway.

This is the roast beef, after I slow cooked it (200 degrees F) for about five and a half hours, then let it sit another half hour or so. 


This year after I seared it, I sprinkled more salt on top and it formed a lovely little crispy crunchy salty crust.  Definitely will do that again.


And here’s the Yorkshire pudding in progress.  This is the high point of Christmas dinner here.  Everything else is on the table, everyone is seated, and then the Yorkshire pudding is brought to the table with great drama and exclamations of joy.


There are never any Yorkshire pudding leftovers.

I sometimes think I should just quadruple the recipe (which is already quadrupled to begin with) and then everyone would be able to bring some home for a snack later or for breakfast the next day.

Alex and Julia both feel I should make this more often.  Perhaps they’re right.


And after dinner, the Christmas Guitar Concert.

Julia has learned “Jingle Bells” – she played it from memory.

Then Alex played “Malaguena” from memory, then he and Bill played Bill’s arrangement of “Gesu Bambino,” which they just worked up this past week.  (Bill had started writing the arrangement a couple years ago, but Alex wasn’t ready to play it til now.)



And then, later, after family went home, we roasted some more squashes by the fire, in preparation for a big bath of squash ravioli we’ll be making today or tomorrow.


I poked little holes in the squash before setting it near the fire, and the water droplets that seep out look like little jewels.


All in all, a relaxed day of family and good food.

I hope your day was just as warm and happy.

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  1. can you share your recipe for the roast and the yorkshire pudding? i haven’t had yorkshire pudding in over twenty years! happy holidays!

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