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Savory Baked Eggs


Or solitary egg, in this case.

When I was a kid, my mother used to make this dish sometimes on Sunday mornings.  It’s a slow-morning kind of breakfast, and Dad’s photography business was closed on Sundays.

I haven’t had savory baked eggs since that time, and lately it’s been on my mind.  So I asked my Mom for details recently and here we are.  The ingredients are simple – onions, butter, salt and pepper, eggs, cheese.  The end result is so simple and incredibly yummy, I’m kind of annoyed with myself for not giving this a try years ago.



I went back to work yesterday after a few days off (see previous post for all the fun), and was so happy to be back there, not just because I love my job, but because of the people I work with.  I love being surrounded by people who are good at what they do and are passionate about it.  And the fact that they’re all so much better cooks than I am gives me something to work toward.

But it’s not just that, either.

It’s this….



There was a very old merry-go-round at the playground in town when I was a kid.  Wooden floor to it, with iron rails that curved out from the center and down to the edge of the floor…like a big, tough spider holding the whole thing together.  Kids would stand on this, hanging on to the spider legs, while one or two other kids held the outer leg part and ran, around and around, making the whole thing spin faster and faster until the running kids couldn’t keep up and jumped on board to spin along with everyone else.

I didn’t like that ride.  I don’t like spinning around and around, seeing the rest of the world blur and zip past….