Four Eyes


Julia has wanted glasses for ages. 

She doesn’t need them, she just likes them.  She likes to “borrow” mine now and then (when I let her…and if I don’t need to see for a while), but since I don’t let her keep them, her glasses-wearing has been minimal.

Until, of course, now.

Julia received several gift cards for Christmas this year, and one was to a chain store geared very much toward young girls – pre-teen, tween, and teen, I’m assuming.  We went there the other day so she could spend her money.

Bill wouldn’t have lasted, I’ll tell you that right now.  So much…girly stuff.

I had a hard time, too, but held it in check because Julia…well, she was in heaven.

She browsed and browsed, opening little purses and makeup collections (I told her Absolutely No Makeup At All but it was still entertaining to look at the cleverly packaged eye shadows and lip glosses), checking out the nail polish, until – gasp – glasses!  Not sunglasses – regular clear-lense glasses!  Not corrective lenses…these were just glasses anyone could wear!

Julia tried on quite a few of them, chose one, changed her mind ten minutes later and chose a different pair…finally (FINALLY!) settling on the pair in the photo above.

She also selected a wallet, a manicure set, and those fingerless gloves that have a mitten thing you can pull over your nearly frostbitten digits on the way home from school.  We had lots of mathematical and financial discussions during the whole shopping adventure, and I think she spent her gift money well.

She loves the glasses.  They make her feel older.  I can tell, because she speaks differently – her version of mature – when she’s wearing them.

So anyway, I told you that little story just to show you the picture I took this morning.

Julia was in the living room while I was packing lunches, and she hollered for me to come quick.  I ran in, took one look, and ran back to get my camera.

And here, for your viewing entertainment, is the picture I took:


Enjoy the rest of your day!  

9 thoughts on “Four Eyes

  1. How funny! My cousin’s daughter also wears a pair of non-prescription glasses…and looks just as fabulous as Julia does. Such a nice change from when I was a kid and all the ‘kid’ frames were just adult frames in a smaller size. I hated my glasses and would never have imagined that kids would wear them for fun 30 years later. 🙂

  2. My daughter did the same thing at that age. She wore them to school so much that her teacher said something to me about her not wearing them when I went for a conference. She thought she was supposed to wear them all the time even at recess. The teacher was really confused when I told her that Jolea didn’t really wear glasses. This was in the same conference that when she asked why Jolea had attended so many elementary schools by the 3 grade I replied “witness relocation program!” She wasn’t amused. I should have told her the glasses were part of a disguise.

  3. I remember walking by the window of a store that carried glasses [ real ones] with my friend. We were both in our early thirties. She stopped to look at the window and she said- I wish I had to wear glasses. I asked why and she replied that it would make her look smart. I couldn’t help but laugh because I thought how dumb she was for even saying that

  4. She looks very cute in them. Yes, I’m surprised so many kids WANT to wear glasses now aday AND braces! Good lord, that was the pits when we were kids.

  5. Oh my gosh, I went into one of those tween boutique’s to pick up a chain for a necklace for my niece…
    [she loved this reclaimed middle-eastern silver bell necklace that I had… so I wanted to give her part of mine! I’m amazed she likes it – She’s FOUR!]
    But yes, I’m getting side-tracked. I went into this store only because I wanted something that would fit around her tiny self, but be wearable for at least a little while… and I found a great little pink chain! It looked really nice.

    But internally I wanted to just run out of there screaming… I rarely, if ever, “shop” so the holidays is always painful for me… hehe.

    Anyway; Julia… and Scratchy, look quite lovely. ♥

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