New Year


I built this fire this morning, starting around twenty past five.  I’m off today, so I can keep the fire going all day long as I work on various projects.

We took the Christmas tree and decorations down yesterday.  I love looking at the tree before Christmas, and that day, and maybe the day after, but then I’m quite ready to clear it all out and put the house back to normal.

Especially because it means I can rearrange the living room and move the loveseat closer to the fireplace, where it doesn’t fit when we have the tree up.  We have a small living room.

Anyway, that’s done.

I’m glad the holidays are done, too.  I had a rough time getting myself in any sort of holiday spirit this year, for a number of reasons.  But happily enough, just a day or so before Christmas, things shifted.  Big shifting.  Unexpected and good shifting.  And a little spark was lit and I found my spirits lifting. 

You know how you think you know how things will go…and then you’re totally wrong?  And so glad to be wrong?  That’s what happened.  So glad to be wrong.  Funny how that goes.

Anyway, I am geared up for this new year now.  Looking forward to it, though, like any year, it will have ups and downs…and probably a few way ups and way downs, too.  Because that’s how life works.

You just have to keep your seatbelt fastened and keep your hands in the car. 

And hold tightly the hand of the person beside you.

I wish for you all a new year filled with more ups than downs, and a hand to hold as you go for the ride.

One thought on “New Year

  1. I’m freezing and you have fire pictures!!! Are you kidding me!?!? I didn’t stoke the fire this morning when I got up and instead cleared all the ashes a bit ago. Now it’s cold and I’m cold and I have 3 pieces of firewood. Jody has the back of his jeep loaded full and won’t be home until after 3 or later…. Brrrrr. Happy New Year to you and the family. I hope it’s a good one for y’all.

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