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Seeking Imperfection


I have spent too much time (or wasted, probably) not doing things because I was afraid I’d do them wrong.  If I didn’t think I could do something perfectly, I just wouldn’t do it.  So many roads not taken.

But that’s okay – I’m in a good spot at this time in my life.

Maybe that’s why I actually finished window quilt #4 today. 

Maybe that’s how I managed to complete the first three window quilts, too. 

I didn’t worry about making them perfect.

I just…made them.

And they’re great

The quilts aren’t perfect; they’re perfectly imperfect.

I’m embracing that. 

I find it allows me to get a lot more done.

Here’s #4:


This one is in the downstairs bathroom.  The fabric at the top and bottom is from one of Alex’s crib quilts, the blue and white horizontal strips are from an old tablecloth, and the vertical strips are from a piece of fabric I’ve been taking bits from for all sorts of projects over the years.  The four panels, like with quilt #3, are from the shower curtain that used to hang in this very bathroom.

And so, to recap, here are the four window quilts I’ve made so far.





One bathroom:


Other bathroom:


No, they’re not at all perfect.

But they’re pretty, they keep the drafts out, and, best of all?

They’re finished!

Now it’s onto the final two….

5 thoughts on “Seeking Imperfection

  1. You go, girl! And i totally get what you are saying about the freedom of allowing imperfections to happen! What a struggle that was for me, and what a struggle my daughter has yet to win.

  2. Thanks Lynne! They dont come down during the day, and at this point I dont have a way to loop them up or anything, but most of the windows Im making these for face north and dont give us a lot of sunlight anyway. The batting (or blankets) I used for the quilts is thin enough to let a little light through. In the summer Ill just switch them out for ordinary curtains. Im thinking, though, that a panel or dowel inserted along the bottom could then be looped up over the same dowel or curtain rod that holds the quilts up top….

  3. Jayne, these are AWESOME!!!
    And I couldn’t help but notice that on Julia’s, there’s a bit [across 3, down 2 – the ‘box’ of four with that square being the 1st one] that reminds me of Julia’s quilt she made for her kitty Slippers from last year…
    But I seriously love these! Reading a bit on quilting for possible projects for me to do for next year! I have very very drafty windows… so it would help!

    And I have to mention that the 2nd bathroom one has a great color scheme! You’re too talented, really. 😀

  4. that’s an idea… and I was also thinking that you could stitch three curtain rings roughly 2/3rds down, and hooks on the top to hook them up, they would fold into thirds then and reveal most of the window….. or the bathroom ones you could put the rings along the central partition, they would show the bottom squares whole then..

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