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The Day Has Arrived


We are officially a four neti pot family!

Bill woke up with a sinus headache this morning.  Sometimes rapid shifts in weather – like this change from balmy low fifty degree weather yesterday to well below freezing last night – trigger these headaches.  He stayed in bed for a while with a hot water bottle on his head.

This morning, just for kicks, I heated up the neti pot water and let the kids see me do the whole process.  Julia was fascinated.  After I went, it was her turn, and then Alex.  Bill got up right around this time and watched Julia finish up and then watched Alex.  He was impressed with how well the kids were doing it and with how…um…productive it was.

And I told him he would probably benefit a great deal and I would be happy to go over to CVS right that minute and get him his very own neti pot.  And I guess I caught him at a weak moment, because he agreed to it.  He took a shower, I got him a neti pot, and Julia and I talked him through it.  Especially Julia.  She’s a great little neti pot coach.

And that was that! 


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