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Window Quilt Update


I figured I should post a picture of Softie since Scratchy’s been getting more face time lately.

Here she is, sitting on one of the quilts, which is on my ironing board.  I’d been tying the layers together and went upstairs to check on the bread in the oven.  When I came back down, Softie had claimed the spot.


Cats are so funny like that. 

Anyway, I got a fair amount of the upstairs bathroom window quilt completed today (along with laundry and four loaves of bread), but it’s not finished yet.

The slow-down for me was the filling.  Ordinarily I use batting, but I’m trying to use up stuff I have rather than buying new. 

So for this quilt I figured I could use an old yellow blanket that was about the same size.  It was still a bit too small, though, so I found another old yellow blanket – this one a baby blanket – and patched them together.


I’ve got some muslin for the back (actually a pair of old lightweight curtains I’d made years ago that were kind of worn out at one end), and with my layers thus assembled, I started knotting the layers together.


Here’s how it’s looking.  Well, I’ve since trimmed the excess fabric, but you get the idea.  I’m nearly done with the knotting, and after that I’ll bind the edges and add on a sleeve on the back so I can hang it from the curtain rod.

If Softie allows me to.  

One thought on “Window Quilt Update

  1. That looks really great! I love the soft tones in it…
    and what a great use for the Kanji prints too!
    [Kanji is those japanese characters… it’s sort of like cursive – to the extreme. :D]
    That is surely a great skill to have m’lady, quilting… if Softie let’s you finish… =^w^=

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