Revisiting the Plains and Other Exotic Locales


I check my “stats” periodically just to see where readers are coming from and which posts are currently popular.  There are certain ones I see visited often, so I’m used to them, but then something completely unexpected will be the #1 post of the day. 

Like yesterday – apparently a whole bunch of people came over via a Reddit link that referenced my “Herbivores of the African Plains” cake – Julia’s birthday, 2011.

Here’s a picture of the whole cake:


I don’t do a lot of cakes like this any more.  I have a love/procrastinate/hate/love relationship with them.  I love to design them.  I put off making the fondant creatures until the last minute (so stupid because I really have fun with them once I start working), hate the work in progress (so full of flaws) and then love the finished product several days later, when I’ve put some time and distance between us.

And then when I don’t do one for a while…I miss them.

Here are a couple more, with links to the corresponding posts. 

Of Ballerina Elephants and Battles in the Senate Rotunda” – Julia’s and Alex’s birthdays in 2009.  It was a combined (and late) birthday party that year, so both cakes are featured in the same post.  Julia’s cake featured these adorable elephants, and Alex’s was the first of two Star Wars-themed birthday cakes.


The following year it was a Beluga Whale Cake for Julia…


and “Carnage on Hoth”, my bloodiest work, for Alex’s 8th birthday. 


If you want to look at the rest of my cake history – old and more recent, you can peruse them here.

That’s it for now – gotta run!

One thought on “Revisiting the Plains and Other Exotic Locales

  1. Hehe! Good ol’ Reddit, that means someone liked your stuff enough to also give back credit!
    [I’m a digital/graphic artist, and unfortunately I see the side of the internet where people will use your material but not give you credit back… /sigh]
    So bravo to the honorable person! And congrats! Some of Reddit is a great community of people who appreciate the little things.
    I do have to say though, Julia’s beluga whale cake is probably one of my favorites, ever.
    It’s just perfect! ♥

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