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A Cat and His Elephant


I walked into the living room earlier today and this is what I saw.

Actually, what I saw was Scratchy sort of wrestling with/chewing on the little pink elephant.  When I came back with my camera, Scratchy saw me and froze.  Like that.

The elephant’s name, by the way, is “Purple Ears.”  It’s Julia’s, in case you hadn’t figured that part out.  Or, rather, it was Julia’s.


I believe Scratchy thinks otherwise.


I called Julia into the room and she immediately hissed at Scratchy (you have to speak Cat if you want to be understood), and snatched Purple Ears away.  Then she dropped the elephant because “Ew!  It’s all wet!”

A bit later, Julia relented and tossed the elephant downstairs to where Scratchy was mourning his loss.  

And shortly after that episode, Alex summoned me to see something so cute…and he insisted all he’d done was toss the elephant over onto the floor, near my sewing/jewelry area.  Scratchy took over at that point…


and brought Purple Ears up to his favorite little nook.

And there they stayed. 


Cozy and cute. 

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  1. Aww, that’s so cute, our cat used to have a little bear that she claimed as her “baby’. She must not be a good mom because she’s ignored the bear for over a year now.

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