Just for Her


A week or two ago I pulled out all the bins of fabric from their bins and shelves and reorganized it.  Rather than just organize by color, which is my usual method, this time I sorted first by type of fabric.  So now I’ve got all the cottons and cotton/poly blends together, all the stretchy fabrics together, all the fancy (sheers, shiny, lacy) together, all the sturdy fabric together, all the super heavy duty (upholstery, etc) together, and – in its own huge Rubbermaid bin – denim.


It’s such a nice feeling to get that done and to go downstairs to my corner of the basement and see the neatly divided stacks and bins of fabric, just ready and waiting.

I also have bins with all the little bits and pieces that are too small to fold and really organize.  For years I’d insisted (to myself) that they, too, needed to be part of my whole sort-by-color operation, but I’ve changed, apparently.  I’ve become less rigid.  I’ve gotten sick of all those scraps mixed in with the larger pieces.  It’s annoying to see a pattern and think That’s Perfect! only to pull it from the mess and discover it’s a sort of triangular piece roughly 4” on a side with a weird little bite-like scoop cut out of one point and pretty much useless for the purpose I’d had in mind.

Done with that.

Anyway, while I was clearing everything out of the bins at the start of this project, I also pulled down the huge piece of gray fake fur that the cats like to snooze on, way up on top of all the shelves.  I knew it had to be coated in cat fur, and at the very least I could run it through the dryer to clean it up a bit.  As I tugged, a whole pet store’s worth of cat toys came flying down, pelting me on the head and shoulders.

THAT’S where they all were!  I saw some I hadn’t seen in years.  It never occurred to me that our little hunters would drag their rattling prey way up to their comfy aerie….well, now I know.

Yesterday morning, Julia yelled for me – there was something I HAD to see!!!!  I brought my camera – a habit I’ve neglected of late – and there was Softie, in one of my nicely fluffed and reorganized bins.  (Quilting cottons, by the way.)


Apparently I don’t have as many medium shades of fabric as I do lights and darks, so Softie made herself a little nest. 

She’s staring at the desk lamp off to the right.  I switched it on so I could take the pictures in this post.

Other than that little turn of her head, she didn’t move.  Or get out of the bin.


Clearly I need more fabric, if only to keep the cats out of the bins.  

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  1. Such a cat thing to do! I set up a little box just for my cat near my sewing stuff, but he still sleeps wherever he feels like. 🙂

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