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When I recently fell back in love with quilting (not that I ever fell out of it…but we had kind of a parting of the ways and now we realize we are meant to be together forever), I figured there must be a gazillion quilting blogs out there, and I was curious to see what people were doing.  So I think I typed in a search like “quilting blogs” or something, and landed on this page

If you scroll down, there is a HUGE list of quilting blogs.  I’ve been clicking on one or two of them whenever I get some time to explore.  Some are defunct (the list went up in 2010), some have moved, but a lot of them are still there and it’s fun – and inspiring – to look at all the quilts people have made.

Go take a look.  So much talent and passion and artistry out there!

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  1. You might check and see if there is a chapter of the Modern Quilt Guild in your area. I’ve found some interesting blogs that way. One of my favorites is Tallgrass Prairie Studio — Jacquie has been an inspiration to me for several years. (I occasionally write about quilts on my blog; should do so more often.)

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