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Hmmm, you might say.  Too large to be scallops, but they definitely appear to be wrapped in bacon….

They are, in fact, the brain child of my husband.  They are – or will soon be – Thai-flavor veggie burgers wrapped (yes) in bacon (again, yes).  Grilled first, then finished in a hot oven (to finish off the bacon)…we served them on english muffins with (I’m sorry, but it works) American cheese and a generous pour of Thai red curry paste and coconut milk (a 1:1 ratio there). 


Here’s a quick picture of mine, before I made it disappear.

I understand vegans and vegetarians everywhere felt a great disturbance in the force when we ate these, but OH MY GOODNESS, this flavor combination (not to mention textures) was INCREDIBLY FABULOUS.

I ate two.  I was stuffed, but if there was more to be had, I might have jumped up and down to get what was in my stomach to settle so I could eat more.

Smoky, spicy, creamy, crunchy, squishy…pretty much all the food groups and textures I love. 

I don’t have a recipe or even a list of ingredients for the burger portion (which was great on its own, actually), but I know it included shredded zucchini (the last we’d frozen from last year’s garden), shredded carrots, oatmeal…lemon grass…I give up.  The veggie burgers are Bill’s domain, frankly, and I am perfectly happy to leave him to it, him being so spectacular at making them and all.

Anyway, I just wanted to share that with you A) because they were SO yummy and B) because it’s been so long since I felt like writing about food and C) because I wanted to write about something happy.

And this little sandwich (or two) is definitely happy-making.

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