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Flip Flop Flop


It was just me and Overly Serious Girl this morning.  After running a quick errand and watering the window boxes and buckets (well, the plants growing in them), we adjourned to the air-conditioned basement/work space to accomplish something.

Or try to.

I love Pinterest.  I scroll through the DIY and Crafts category whenever I can, looking for things to Like.  I don’t pin enough, probably, according to the How To Be A Good Pinterest Member manual, if there is such a thing, but I Like a hell of a lot of pins. 

One day, when I’ve got the time, I’ll do better.

Anyway, I’d seen and liked lots of ideas about how to convert a cheapo pair of flip flops into something unique, prettier, more fun, etc. 

Julia has a couple new cheapo pairs of flip flops, and this morning she showed me that the plastic part that fits between your first two toes had come out.


Now how did that happen?  It’s not like Julia is rough on her clothes or anything….

Anyway, when she showed me that I thought HEY!  We can do one of those Pinterest things!

So I had her choose fabric and I snipped out the plastic things.


She liked these.

So at first, in my naiveté, I thought I could wrap the lace around the crushed velvet and they’d be really really snazzy.


And they would have been, except that the four layers of fabric were way too thick to work with.

So I asked Julia “How about just the lace?  I think your feet would be too hot with the purple.”


She was too busy laughing at her own jokes to care.

So I put two pieces of the lace together and poked them through the hole up near the toes.


Easy enough.

The next plan was to knot the fabric strips just above where the toes would be, then knot once or twice more, and then separate the two strips and poke them through the holes near the heel.


Yes, she’s rough on pedicures.



Then I tried them on her feet, pulled the lace so they were tight enough to stay on but not so tight that her feet were permantly embossed with the lace pattern, and knotted them close to the little indented part on the bottom of the sole.

And then I decided that the lace was going to eventually slice up the sides of her feet, that it wasn’t soft enough, and that maybe we should go with the purple after all.


While I was working on these, Julia was re-learning how to latch-hook.  My sister got her this kit for her birthday in May, and I told Julia if I was going to work on a project, she needed to work on a project. 

But then I kept interrupting her work to have her try on the flip-flops-in-progress.


At one point I sat on our big comfy basement overstuffed chair and had her sit facing me on the matching ottoman so I could tighten the strips of purple.

She leaned back to get comfortable and almost fell off.  It was pretty funny.

Fortunately she caught herself.


And here are the finished flip flops:


They’re very cute, and the purple is a bit stretchy so it’s definitely more comfortable than the lace would have been.

And when I asked her if they fit okay, she said they did.

So – yay!

Until a bit later when she said they didn’t really fit all that well.

Sigh.  I’m done with them for today, but I’ll probably try them again with a different fabric.  Or on a pair for myself.

In the meantime, for your perusal, here’s a link to the tutorial I followed.  The tutorial is perfectly clear and easy to follow.  I just need to try again.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

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