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Cat of Leisure


So we’re a one cat household now. 

After Softie passed away I firmly said I don’t want any more pets.  Ever.  I realize that’s a pretty normal emotional response after a pet dies.  I’ve gone through it enough times, also, to know that the feeling subsides and pet people tend to stay pet people despite the periods of heartache.

Right now we’re focusing on bringing Scratchy’s weight down.  It’s easier to regulate how much he eats when he’s the only one we have to feed.  We only feed him twice a day now, and have learned to tell him no when he tries to beg for snacks.  The kids encourage him to exercise with a flashlight – he chases the beam around the floor, and especially up and down stairs.  So far he doesn’t suspect that this is for his own good.

He also has occasional weigh-ins on the Wii board.  These are usually rather dangerous affairs for whichever kid (usually Alex) has to hold Scratchy, because while he’s very affectionate, he doesn’t like to be picked up. 

Anyway, like all people trying to shed some pounds, he has had his ups and downs.  We were pretty pleased when he lost a pound – only the kids wanted to reward him with a couple of cat treats, which kind of defeats the whole purpose of rationing his food…

Most recently he’s put some weight back on, so either someone’s been slipping him some extra kibble or the flashlight batteries have died and no one’s replaced them. 

Scratchy has become a bit more sociable recently.  Before, he would race out of the room and hide if anyone came to visit.  Even family and friends who are here on a relatively regular basis would send him hissing and running up the stairs to hid under a bed.  But we’ve noticed a change.  He isn’t as quick to run away, and he doesn’t hiss so much.  He even lets people – OTHER people – pet him. 

I’m wondering if he misses his sister. 

If, maybe, he needs some sort of interaction with other living creatures, and with Softie gone, he is gravitating toward these tall, non-feline beings that visit.

Or maybe she’d been telling him people were out to get him and he’s realizing that she was just messing with his head.  Sisters do that.

Anyway, when he’s not begging for food or chasing balls of light, Scratchy does his best to cover all the chairs with white hair. 

It’s one of his best things.

That, and being sweet. 

One thought on “Cat of Leisure

  1. Yeah, it’s totally normal to not want to even think about getting another cat after one dies… Been there, done that. Even the other animals in the house grieve. Just put the thought aside, and revisit it when it’s not as painful as it is now to think about it.

    As for Scratchy’s weight… You may want to pick him up a few more toys. Petco, or another pet store, may have some toys that will get him moving his big butt around more. I highly recommend getting a few laser pointers so the kids can entertain themselves, along with entertaining Scratchy. Have you also looked into feeding him a weight control variety of cat food? Good luck!

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