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Cloudy Day Baking


The original title to this post was going to be “Rainy Day Baking” except that it hardly rained at all today, and I didn’t want to be inaccurate.

I made four loaves of white bread this morning.  I haven’t done any bread baking all summer – it’s been too hot and humid for me to want to, and we’ve been rather busy as well, so time was limited.

Anyway, here are the rest pictures I took along the way….







I gave two loaves away, put a third in the freezer, and the fourth is going to be sliced into service later when I make a tomato sandwich.

I also baked chocolate chip cookies today, but didn’t take any pictures.  Here’s kind of what they look like:


Actually, I should have drawn it with a bite taken out.  Or just a few crumbs left behind after my kids and one of their friends cycloned through the kitchen a little while ago…

Anyway, that’s it for now.  Time to go play with fabric.

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  1. Whhats your recipe? Mine doesn’t come out half as fluffy or soft as yours looks, mine looks more like peasant bread lol

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