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Fish and Squash


Bill and the kids went crabbing and fishing yesterday while I was at work and while the crabbing was a flop, the fishing was most definitely not.  They came home with a whole mess (technical term – “whole mess”) of good-sized skipjacks.  They’d only brought two poles, because at first Julia wasn’t interested, but once the fish started biting, she was in.  And two poles was plenty, because at one point they were bringing a fish in with every cast. 

Bill and Alex filleted all the fish, and then Bill skinned all the fillets.  He also made a stock with spines and tails.  We ended up with 2 lbs, 10 oz fish, which is pretty cool.  We froze the 2 pounds in ziploc bags (1 lb ea) along with some of the stock.


I breaded and fried the remaining 10 ounces, which we had as part of our dinner.

Speaking of freezing things, I kind of went nuts for a few weeks, cooking in bulk and freezing future meals, or portions of meals.  As a result of that insanity plus fishing, clamming, crabbing, and Bill’s eight thousand veggie burgers, our freezers are rather packed and we need to start eating some of the stuff before we freeze anything more. 

Fortunately we don’t need to freeze winter squash.


We picked some squash yesterday, and we’ve still got a bunch outside to collect.  Here’s a picture of what we brought in:


Had to stand on a chair to get this.  Sorry about the picture quality. 

Anyway, we’ve got a nice variety going on here, there are a couple of Long Island Cheese Pumpkins (the two big ones), sometimes called Cinderella pumpkins, one Galeux d’eysines (the warty one near the top of the basket), some butternuts (underneath, in the basket), some butternut-black futsu hybrids (there’s one in front of the two cheese pumpkins , and some that I don’t really know what they are but they could also possibly be some sort of hybrids (the pear shaped ones, like the two behind the cheese pumpkins and in front of the basket).  We’ve got more outside, like I said, including some Musque de Provence, which are also shaped like the cheese pumpkins, but are currently green-and-turning-orange.

The smaller of the two cheese pumpkins in the picture above weighs thirteen pounds.  I’m guessing the bigger one is maybe fifteen or so.  And at least three of the Musque are in that weight range as well.  So while we probably don’t have as many as last year, what we lack in quantity we’ll make up for in weight.

Very exciting.

And of course, I’m already thinking ahead to next year and what new variety I want to add to the mix.

I really want something blue.  Maybe a hubbard….

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