From December

I haven’t been crocheting for very long, but I’ve practiced some stitches and I’ve successfully made a few things.

My first great success was a hat:

first hat


I learned to make a flower and a granny square:

granny square and flower


And then I made a hat and a scarf for Julia.  The hat was double and single crochet stitches, and for the scarf I learned a shell stitch.  You can’t tell from this picture, but the yarn is sparkly, like newly fallen snow…:

julia hat and scarf_1

So with all that expertise, I was ready to create something on my own.

But I have to back up a bit first.  My fabulous niece, Natalie, has a wonderful and quirky sense of humor.  And she likes cats.  Both of these attributes are evident in a hideous sweatshirt she owns – it’s gray and is covered with…cat heads.  Yes.  Disembodied cat heads.  It’s…well, it’s weird.  A bit disturbing.  And funny.

Oh, and also, she likes boots.  She has something like twelve thousand pairs of boots.  Okay, maybe not quite that many.  But lots of them.

So I thought I’d make boot cuffs.  You know, they look like the tops of really tall socks sticking out of the tops of boots…but they don’t cover your feet, and are therefore less bulky inside the boot. 

Or you could think of them as smallish leg warmers.

Anyway, when I do Pinterest searches for crocheted things, boot cuffs frequently appear.

And…because I have my own quirky sense of humor…I decided the boot cuffs should include disembodied cat heads.

So I made boot cuffs – beautiful brick red cuffs – they weren’t terribly difficult, and I used this pattern but without buttons.

And then I looked around online some more and figured out a way to make some cat heads…





If I were to do them again, I might make a change or two, but overall I was pretty happy with them.

So next, I attached them to the boot cuffs.

Oh – and I decided there should also be tails…


I had plenty of red yarn leftover, too, so I made a scarf to go along with the cuffs…



I had a lot of fun making the cat cuffs.  They were silly and a good learning experience and they made me laugh at a time when I needed to find things to laugh about.

And best of all, my awesome niece, Natalie, liked them.





(That’s Julia in her own boots, posing next to Natalie.)


I’d had another crocheting project I wanted to make for Christmas, but I just couldn’t get to it.  Them, actually.  But I finally made them both and delivered them yesterday.

For my nephew’s son.  (I know…that would make the child my great nephew.  And I am, therefore, his great-aunt.  And while I like the “great” description, it makes me feel old.  So I prefer “Awesome Aunt.”)

Anyway, my nephew and his wife have an adorable little boy. 

In November, I think, or maybe early December, I went to their house to take pictures of their adorable son to use for their Christmas card.  While I was there, I noticed several owls in the nursery. 

So that put the idea in my head.

And after looking around online, and finding a couple of patterns, here’s what I made:

An owl hat:



And a matching little owl:



So technically these owls weren’t from December, but they were supposed to be, so I’ve included them.

And currently I’m working on window quilts for the two windows in our bedroom.  As you may or may not know, I made four window quilts last year, for the two bathrooms and for my kids’ rooms.  Finally getting around to ours.  I’ll show you when they’re finished.  Or at least when the tops are both put together. 

That’s about it for the moment.

It looks like I’ll be back.

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  1. First I am so glad you are back. I have missed you.

    Second you have come such a long way in a short time with your crocheting. I am the knit and crochet instructor at our Michaels and you are doing fabulous!

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