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The Same And Different

I’m finally getting around to making window quilts for the two windows in Bill’s and my room. 

Last year I made them for the two bathrooms and the kids’ rooms, but I ran out of steam, motivation, time, cold weather and didn’t get to ours.

I’m still kind of late.  It might have been better if I’d done these in the fall, so as to be better prepared for the actual winter temperatures, but…well, you do what you can do.

Anyway, last year I wanted to create these pretty stained glass window sort of quilts, and I had sketched them out and everything.

This year, I don’t have the same enthusiasm for them.  I needed something simpler.  Something I could get done.

So I chose plaids and stripes.  I dug through all my fabric and pulled out pieces from lots of Bill’s old shirts, things the kids have worn, miscellaneous scraps from who knows where.  And I threw in a fabric that doesn’t have stripes or plaid at all, just to be wild and crazy.

And then, to be even more wild and crazy, I decided that each quilt would have exactly the same fabrics – same number of pieces of each fabric, in fact – but they would be designed differently. 

So here they are.  Well, not finished yet, but the tops are put together and all I need to do is attach filling and backing and bind them off. 






I showed them both to Bill, and he likes the first one better, while I prefer the second one.  Mostly, though, I like the fact that they’ve got all the same pieces, but they’re so different.

I hope to have them completely put together and hanging on our windows by the end of the week.  I’ll post final pictures then.

So, just curious.  Do you prefer one over the other (if you like them at all, and if you have a preference)?  Which one?  Why?

2 thoughts on “The Same And Different

  1. I like the second one more, but I like them both. 🙂 The second one just flows so nicely; pretty gradient.

  2. [Wow, I have not been to your journal in so long! I can’t wait to read all of the new posts… Hehe!]
    I love the second one – just the fact that they’re a gradient of the colors, it’s brilliant in fact!
    The first is more classic. But both are stunning!

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