Experimenting With This App on My Phone

I’ve had this app on my phone that apparently lets me write blog posts, but I haven’t used it yet because I really prefer to type with ALL my fingers. It’s faster.

But my ancient Laptoposaurus is installing updates, or, more accurately, having updates installed, which sounds like it might hurt a bit, and bottom line is I can’t type with all my fingers til the updating is done.

So I thought I’d finally try out this app.

I need to find how the photo posting part works, so I am going to select a few photos to upload and then see where this app places them.

Ok. I picked four photos. Now I’m going to tap “next” and see if I have the option of placing the photos in between paragraphs of text.

I’ll let you know what happens. I know the suspense is unbearable.

Well, it gives me the option to publish now, or save the draft either to the site or to my phone. I’ll save to by phone, just for kicks.

Okay, it does not look like I can strategically place my photos anywhere other than limbo.

So I’ll just explain them.

The tomato is an Indigo Rose. My sister gave us the plant as a seedling and isn’t that a beautiful tomato??? There are a lot ripening. This is the first we’ve picked.

Next – chopped purple cabbage. I was making some stains for wood and I found a recipe for one using purple cabbage. It’s supposed to dye the wood blue. Blue! So I tried it.

Those jars? Those are some of the other dyes, or stains, I’m experimenting with. I’ll let you know how it goes once I’ve actually stained something.

And the last image? More teal than straight up blue, but I’ll take it. The secret? After simmering the cascade in boiling salted water, I added in the baking soda called for in the recipe. Immediately the liquid started fizzing and the cabbage and liquid began to change color.

So. Cool.

And that’s all the typing I can do for now.

I’m very excited about the dyes/stains. I’ll let you know more next time.

Experimenting With This App on My Phone

Experimenting With This App on My Phone

Experimenting With This App on My Phone

Experimenting With This App on My Phone

3 thoughts on “Experimenting With This App on My Phone

  1. The tomato is mouthwateringly beautiful. We moved this summer so I didn’t get to garden and haven’t had a garden fresh tomato since last summer. Isn’t that sad?

    The stains look really neat. Would you share the link you used to make the blue? I can’t wait to see the project you’re using those stains on. Definitely need inspiration.

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