And It Has Now Come to This


First, though, a cute picture of the guinea pigs snuggling cutely together in a blanket.

But that’s not what the post title is referring to.  Not exactly.

There’s this…


What is it?  It’s a hammock.  For the guinea pigs, of course. 

Because they need one.

With a fringe.

Because guinea pigs like to hide. 

And this way they can hide under the hammock.

Which they do.  All the time.

But they didn’t have any desire to be actually ON the hammock.

Until yesterday!

It was very exciting (to me) to see them both (though you can only see Cookie in the picture) hanging out on the hammock.  And I was very happy that they’d figured it out themselves.

Smart little guys!


But wait!

What’s that wooden thing in the right of the picture?

Oh, that? 

That wooden thing with the hay and cucumbers on it?

It’s the ramp.

The ramp that Bill and I made.

It’s there so Cookie and Cloudy can climb up…

to the second floor.


Yup.  All the cool guinea pigs have a second floor.  A loft, if you will.

I didn’t want our little guys to feel left out.

They ignored it initially.  There were pellets and hay to eat, races to run, and lots of pooping to do. 

They showed no inclination to climb up the ramp.

So I tried to entice them with pieces of cucumber.

Cloudy smelled them right away.


He grabbed what he could, but he didn’t climb up.

Next, I put a sprinkling of hay and some pellets along the ramp.

Cookie loves pellets.


But he didn’t love them enough to climb up.

Eventually Julia and I put them up onto the second floor.

They seemed pleased with the renovations, and with the salad items we gave them.

But, of course, they had no idea how to get back down.



We ended up helping them.

Today I was home, doing laundry and watching tv and taking a nap, maybe.

Maybe not.

But probably I did.

(I’m trying to make it a point to relax a bit on my day off.  I have a list of things to try to do, but if I don’t accomplish everything, it’s OH KAY.)

Anyway, before I sat down on the couch to fold the load from the dryer, I’d tried teaching Cookie and Cloudy how the ramp works.  I put them about halfway up and urged them along, pointing out the yummy salad that awaited them at the top.

They cooperated, and were happy to hang out up top, enjoying the view. 

I figured if they wanted to go back down, they’d learn.  Plus I moved the rest of the salad down to near the bottom of the ramp as incentive.

After I folded the laundry…and possibly took a nap…I went to check on the guinea pigs. 

Cookie was lounging in the back corner of the top floor, snoozing.

And Cloudy!  Cloudy was on the first floor, under the hammock, burping up baby spinach and kale and picking a tiny cherry tomato seed from his teeth.

He did it!  He figured out how to climb down!  Yay!  What a good boy!


I know.  I sound nuts.

And that’s okay.

It’s fun.

One thought on “And It Has Now Come to This

  1. Love reading about your two “babies”. They also love carrots, carrot tops, the crunchy part of lettuce (the part near the core), and alfalfa sprouts. If you find any and want to, another treat is dandelion greens. If you have a yard with no pets, that’s great if you have dandelions coming up in the spring. But I wouldn’t do it if it had pets in it doing their business.
    I love your “second floor loft”; really cute. Try putting a tiny bell hanging on a string somewhere for them. That’s also fun.

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