Temperature Afghan

Toward the end of 2016 I was looking for a new project for 2017. I wasn't going to make any resolutions because I won't keep them. Instead I was toying with the idea of posting a photo a day, something to get me back into that part of me. But I didn't want the pressure. 

I thought my project could be to FINALLY finish all the repair projects and works-in-progress that I look at and feel guilty about and then continue to ignore. And actually I'm sort of working on those, too. I wrote each one on a piece of paper, folded them up and put them all in a mason jar. I pick one out, realize I'm not in the mood to repair an older quilt just then, so I unfold the paper until I find a project I'd rather do. Oddly enough, I'm getting things done that way. 

BUT  I wanted a NEW project, too so I scrolled through Pinterest and saw a lot of tutorials for Temperature Afghans or blankets, and scarves. The basic idea is you crochet or knit a row for each day of the year using the temperature as your color key. Some suggest the high temp for the day, others the low, and some suggested using the high and the low. You use yarn colors to correspond with temperature ranges that make sense for your  Climate. I saw a lot of ten degree temperature/color charts, but I wanted more colors, so my temperature and color chart is in five degree increments. And, I've only set it up for the colder part of the year. I'm thinking of adjusting the colors as the weather warms up, because fifty degrees in January is different from fifty degrees in June. At least it is in my mind. 

Anyway, here is my color chart for January and probably February:


And these are the yarns:


At first i was was thinking of using two strands of yarn – the high temp and the low temp together – for each row, but I wanted each color to be more visible in the end result, so I am crocheting a row of the high temp color and a row of the low temp color for each day.

I am keeping track of the temperatures for each day and the yarn color for those temperatures in this daily planner.


I work on this Afghan about twice a week. That way I get to do a bunch of rows in one sitting but I could just as easily do the rows daily. No pressure, which is nice.

Anyway, here are some progress pictures from this month.





And that's about it for today. 

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  1. I had seen this idea and thought it sounded interesting. Seeing it come together is beautiful! The colors you chose work so well together no one will know the significance unless you point it out. 😉

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